The Castle Dining Room

Along with the Drawing Room, the formal Castle Dining Room was a real centerpiece of Irish castle living in the 1800’s.

The landlords of this time would have focused their daily lives on the serious business of entertaining and the dining and drawing rooms were designed for this purpose. The importance of these rooms as the showcase of wealth, comfort and prosperity cannot be understated. On arrival at Lisheen Castle, you will instantly be greeted by a sense of luxury that was intended by the original owners of the property, the Lloyd family.

Remaining true to the ethos of Lisheen Castle, Mrs Everard has once again searched throughout Europe to find appropriate furnishings to recreate the indulgent atmosphere of the castle’s entertaining rooms. Now you, the guest, can enjoy a formal dining room complete with a 16-seater solid wood antique table. The table was saved from destruction by the practised eye of Mrs. Everard who recognised the beauty and value of this antique piece, despite its decrepit appearance when first found. The table was expertly refurbished by local craftsman Fergal Ryan and now sits adorned with period silverware creating a candlelit atmosphere of times gone by.

This room, similar to the drawing room boasts impressive vaulted ceilings, these have been hand-painted to retell ancient Irish myths, such as the Hound of Ulster, the Red Bull of Connacht, the Salmon of Knowledge and the Children of Lir.

Other Reception Rooms

Breakfast at Lisheen castle, Co. Tipperary.

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Lisheen castle commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen

Drawing Room

Drawing Room

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Rent Room

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