Tipperary Pubs

Pub trading, at ‘The Monks,’ public house, goes back to just after the Great Famine period in Irish History, around 1860, with the basic structure today little changed. Despite the name P.O’Gorman clearly displayed over the door, the pub has become known as ‘The Monks.

If you are looking for the ultimate in a real Irish traditional pub experience, then a visit to “The Monks,” is essential at least once in anyone’s lifetime.

Expect no gimmicks or commercialism stationed here, but do expect a quality pint, combined with impromptu music, singing and storytelling, particularly on a Wednesday night where a traditional Irish music session is delivered courtesy of visiting, very talented clientele.

The Monks pub
De Burca's pub

De Burca’s pub is owned by the family of fiddle player Theresa Bourke, of Bru Boru, Spirit of Ireland and Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance and as you may expect from a pub with such musical ownership.

It is a fantastic venue to visit to enjoy some traditional Irish music while on your vacation in Tipperary.

Scheduled music sessions are held every second Friday.

A traditional Irish Shebeen, recognizable as a public house only by a string of cars parked outside!

A pub for traditional Irish music, singing and craic. Come with a smile and leave with a bigger one, hopefully.

A great venue to enjoy some traditional Irish music, with sessions taking place every Thursday night.

Jim o the Mills pub
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