The Devil’s Bit Room

Despite Its Unusual Name, The Devil’s Bit Room Is The Ideal Adult Single Bedroom

The bedroom can also be a perfect room to use as a children’s bedroom, due to its proximity to the accommodation of the Lord and Lady’s rooms.

Looking out the castle window of this room towards the mountain range, you will see an unusual gap in the outline of the mountain. According to legend, the devil, angry after being thrown from heaven, took a large bite from the mountains to take with him into hell to create his throne. The large “V” missing from the outline on view from this room is where the devil took his bite, or “The Devil’s Bit”! Great views of this wonderful and unusual glacial feature of the landscape can be enjoyed from this bedroom.

Room Features

  • Room size: 10 m² ( 110 ft²)
  • Bathroom size: 2 m² ( 21 ft²) Compact bathroom
  • Bed size: 5ft
  • Occupancy: 1 person
  • Ensuite: Walk-in shower
  • Wi-fi: Yes
  • Tv: No
  • Hairdryer: Yes

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